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Hi, my name is Michelle and I really appreciate you stopping by my blog, WebDesignsbyMichelle.com.

I am the founder and president of Millennium Professional Consulting, Inc., a Web, Internet, Blog and Book Publishing firm. As a professional web and graphic designer, my main focus has been the development of innovative web and blog solutions, combined with effective branding and marketing strategies.  I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build an online presence and market their products and services on the Internet.

I develop Blogs, Websites, e-Commerce solutions, newsletters, email campaigns, branding, social media and book publishing. I have been blessed with wonderful clients throughout North America. I devote most of my time to designing, writing, coaching and consulting my clients, and just doing the day-to-day work of running my company.

On my site, you will find a broad range of helpful content ranging from branding, social media solutions and blogging to complete do-it-yourself online marketing solutions.

Let me give you a little glimpse of who I am…

After almost 16 years in Corporate America working as a SAP Management Consultant with Pricewaterhouse, IBM and Dow Chemical, I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey and started my own consulting firm, Millennium Professional Consulting, Inc. in 2007. You can read my childhood story and where the dream started of owning my own company by clicking here.

The year the bottom fell out…

Walking away from a very lucrative career was not easy. But at the same time, I was so burned out from traveling with my job 4 to 5 days out of every week for over 12 years that I really didn’t have a choice.

In 2005, my health started to go downhill. By 2007, I was totally stressed out and I knew that I wasn’t following what was in my heart from a life balance perspective.  Later that same year, my husband and I lost several close family members in a short span of time. Needless to say, it was one tough year.

The trials that I went through turned out to be an actual blessing…

I can now appreciate the difficult times that I had to go through. It was because of those rough phases that I learned to appreciate the small things in life.  I am now able to reflect on every aspect of my life and look back on the issues and challenges that I have been blessed to overcome. I am grateful to God for His provision. My health is getting back on track. I have discovered my true passion in life and now I’m following my heart.

Pursuing my dreams!

I’m so glad that I stepped out on faith and pursued my dreams. Since 2007, I have been able to connect with many entrepreneurs and have made some wonderful friends and parnterships along the way. I really enjoy helping people and I want to be a catalyst to influence and encourage other entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

I hope you find much value on my blog. Stay connected with me on Facebook by clicking here. On Twitter? You can also follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

Thanks and I look forward to connecting with you soon. :)

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