As a successful business owner or a new entrepreneur, you know the value of having your business noticed.

But how do you get your business noticed faster? With Blogging!

There are benefits of blogging for business and I mention them a little later in this article.  You must start a blog in order to increase your online visibility fast.

There are other methods to get your business noticed like having a press release, or by implementing web strategies like SEO and Internet Marketing (I plan to cover these topics in future posts), but blogging is one of the fastest ways to get your business noticed and to start building relationships with people.

You need a blog…and you need a successful blog to get your business noticed!!

My Personal Story with blogging

I’ll share a personal story with you. My husband and I have been “hobby bloggers” for over 2 years now.  I don’t know if that is a real term, but I am saying that we were simply blogging for fun and sharing our ideas and opinions about our hobbies and other fun things we find interesting.

The key point is that we were not blogging for a business purpose, but just because we enjoyed it.

After blogging a few days on our personal blog, I decided to share a story about a serious health issue that I had battled and how I was completely healed from it. Praise God!! I shared my personal story with our subscribers and provided tips that I hoped would help them.

My husband also shared his story about how he lost several family members tragically a couple of years ago and how we coped with that. We also shared how these tragedies actually helped us discover our purpose in life together. Well after a few weeks, readers started to comment on our blog.

We initially started out with about 5 readers. After several weeks of consistent blogging, that number grew to approximately 150 regular readers. And after a couple of months there were over 300 more regular readers on our personal blog. It was great to build relationships with our readers and I learned so much from them and from the whole process of blogging.

How I started blogging for my business

After blogging for myself personally for over 2 years and helping small businesses and entrepreneurs launch blogs, it recently dawned on me that maybe I should start a business blog.  Blogging is fun for me. I enjoy writing and producing valuable content, and blogging gives me an outlet to express myself. I have a ton of information in my head that I need to put on paper any way. So I thought why not start a business blog. I could help small businesses and entrepreneurs by sharing a few tips and advice on what that I have learned along the way.

With that said, I’ll be blogging about what I know and looking forward to sharing and exchanging information with others.

You should do the same and let’s see what happens. To help you get started, here are five blogging tips to help you get your business noticed faster by blogging.

  1. Start a blog. Decide on the blogging software  and the web hosting company for your blog. Get a domain name, and you’re ready to start blogging! I will be posting a more detailed guide on how to select the best web hosting company and I will do a product review of the hosting company that I use, so stay tuned.
  2. Choose the topic that you want to write about. Start by brainstorming different topics. Think about what you know and the potential ideas that you could share with others. Are you willing to share your opinion on topics in your niche, or have a point of view on things?
  3. Be a solution provider. Help your readers solve a problem.
  4. Focus on building relationships on your blog.
  5. Listen to your readers when they leave comments or send you questions. And learn from them. I have discovered ideas for new products and services by listening to the needs of my readers.

Benefits of Blogging:

#1  – Staying Connected

#2 – Consumer Awareness – you can find out what your readers and potential consumers are looking for.

#3 – Inform prospective clients about your products and service.

#4 – Visibility – you will get your business noticed faster

#5 – Search Engines – Most blog designs are already structured in a manner that allows for the best possible search engine optimization.

Take your ideas and get to blogging!  Your business will get noticed, and that’s all that really matters.

So how about you? Are you blogging for your business or getting ready to start a blog? What worked for you?  Let us know. Comments are welcomed and encouraged! :-)

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