Commonly Asked Web and Blog Design Questions:

  1. How long does it take to build a website or blog?
    The entire process normally takes 2 to 3 weeks for up to 10 pages. But the design process can take less time if you have done some preparation ahead of time. You need to have your logo in an electronic format. Your images need to be in a digital format. And your text needs to be typed up and ready to send. You will also need to be available to give of your time and review designs and prototypes of your site and make any necessary changes within a reasonable time frame so that your project can continue to move forward.

  2. What is your process? Are there some things that I need to do before contacting you?
    Please click this link to see the process of how to Get Started.

  3. Do you have images that I can use?
    Yes, I can provide stock image photos from a variety of sources to help you communicate your message to your site visitors in a visual manner.

  4. Do you provide web hosting?
    Yes, I offer hosting through one of the most successful hosting firms in the country. Click here for more details. I also provide email addresses that allow you to use your own domain name.

  5. Now that you have completed my blog, do you offer blog maintenance?
    Yes, I do offer 3 Blog Maintenance Packages. Click here to find the package that suits your needs.

  6. I need a little help getting started on my blog. Do you offer phone consultation?
    Yes, I do! Contact me through my website by clicking here and we will schedule your first appointment.

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