I had a few people ask me recently about how to set up a Facebook fan page. I also had a discussion last week  with one of my clients about, “What is the difference between a Personal Profile and a Facebook fan page?”  And “when do I set up a Profile versus a Fan Page?”.

I have to admit that I had a small issue when I set up my Facebook page for my business. I only wanted a Business profile. But when Facebook asked me for my name, I didn’t know that a personal profile would be created with my information.

So what did I do, you ask?

Well, I decided to just roll with it. :-)

I now have a Business Page and a Personal Profile. It has actually worked out well, because I can have a personal relationship with my friends (talk about family and any other personal thoughts and ideas that I have).

Then on the other hand with my Business Page, I can focus on talking to my “Business Fans” about things that they are interested in hearing — like how do I market my business or organization online?”

I know that there is still some confusion around setting up a Facebook Page for your business, ministry or non-profit organization. So I decided to write a quick guide – How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page that I hope you will find helpful. It is an 8-page document with screenshots that steps you through the setup quickly. It also illustrates the differences between a Personal Profile vs a Facebook Fan page.

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